terça-feira, outubro 25, 2005

Flat Pack Two

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At 9:27 da tarde, Blogger holeart said...

circle, hole, point, poem, dot, map, mandala, short letter… you can call it as you wish.
The project, started in 1992 and entitled as “... circular things”, was now reactivated as a daily and non-stop edition in holeart.blogspot.com.
To participate just send a single 10cm diameter paper circle work by normal mail (please do not send by e-mail because of technical problems).
send to: César Figueiredo / apartado 4134 / P-4001-001 Porto / Portugal

At 1:05 da tarde, Blogger Basiballi said...

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At 5:12 da tarde, Blogger ana g said...

quando desaparecem os quadradinhos!!!! não há mais correio!!!!!!!!!!


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